“The Hands that Nurture Us”


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Ernesto and team bring art and culture to Rosewood.

Ernesto begins painting of Rosewood Restaurant Mural.

Ernesto begins painting of Rosewood Restaurant Mural.

It all started when …

Raasin in the Sun and Rosewood teamed up to honor the history of the area, while bringing community together through the arts. April 4th Raasin in the Sun’s organization announced an open artist call for an opportunity to create a master piece honoring Rosewood’s historical origins on 5 x 25 foot wall overlooking downtown Austin. After a week of intense interviewing, we discovered Ernesto Hernandez, an augmented reality muralist, who was excited and eager to take on the challenge.

Watch the count down and reaction of the Rosewood Augment Reality Mural Unveiling. This beautification project was commissioned by the Rosewod Restaurant, facilitated by Raasin in the Sun, and designed by Ernesto Hernandez.